What are Tagged Books?

ADULT Tagged . . .

is not like any website you’ve ever seen before!

This is not a freebie or discount book site. There are no prices here!

The lists are not influenced by top sellers. Although some of the biggest names are featured on these pages!

The way books get on our site is simple. They must be deemed ADULT Tagged by Amazon!

What does this mean?

The books we promote do not follow within Amazon’s Content Guidelines.

(Here they are: Offensive Content
What we deem offensive is probably about what you would expect.)

That’s no joke! Authors are constantly scrambling to find the boundaries of Amazon’s offensive expectations.

What does this mean to you?
All the books featured here are for sale on Amazon.They’re hidden from the general search results. We’ve scoured through books and found Adult Tagged titles. All to make them easier for you to find.

Just click on any book cover, follow the link to Amazon, download the ebook, read, enjoy, come back for a new Adult Tagged Title!

Sexual Deviance Gets Books Noticed!

Inability to follow vague guidelines gets books tagged!

Tagged books get hidden from view!

Not anymore!

Adult Tagged is Here!

Find your favorites and start reading!