Someone Else's Daddy Series

Younger women fantasize and act out on their fantasies with older men in the Someone Else’s Daddy Series. No relations needed to have fun in these shorts.

Forever His Brat Series

Brats and Men of the House both fantasize and act out on their fantasies in the Forever His Brat Series. No blood relations needed to have fun in these shorts.

Dirty Pleasures Real Sex Series

Consenting adults desire and lust for quick satisfying hookups in the Dirty Pleasures Real Sex Series. Limited backstory, so you can get to the good parts fast in these shorts.

Her Filthy Neighbor Series

Too close to resist neighbors stretch the boundaries between them in the Her Filthy Neighbor Series. Don’t let the title fool you, these brats want to play and are ready to take the huge surprises that wait next door.

Sharon Love

As an erotica writer I love to capture moments of pure seduction. I live for experiences where desire takes over reason and lust dominates common sense.

Taboo is in my blood. I’ve been reading dirty stories since I found a collection of well worn paperbacks under my parent’s bed. Curiosity tempted me and naughty thoughts kept me addicted to my secret gratification.

An older, wiser version of my inquisitive self, publishes all my fantasies for you to enjoy. Read them one at a time or in my series bundles. These digital shorts are easy to swipe through one-handed.

Inspiration is everywhere, but I dedicate the climaxes to that special man in my life who stirs me up on countless research nights. You know who you are.
Thank you!