Someone Else's Older Man Series

Younger women fantasize and act out on their fantasies with older men in the Someone Else’s Older Man Series. No relations needed to have fun in these shorts.

Forever His Brat Series

Brats and Men of the House both fantasize and act out on their fantasies in the Forever His Brat Series. No blood relations needed to have fun in these shorts.

Dirty Pleasures Real Sex Series

Consenting adults desire and lust for quick satisfying hookups in the Dirty Pleasures Real Sex Series. Limited backstory, so you can get to the good parts fast in these shorts.

Her Filthy Neighbor Series

Filthy minded older men, and younger women in compromising, sexual situations make each one of the Her Filthy Neighbor Seies shorts a satisfying good read.

Taboo Sweet Cherry Series

First time virgins experiencing an alpha male popping her sweet cherry. The Taboo Sweet Cherry Series promises a first time experience in every short.

Rough Fertile Quickie Series

Dominating men pushed too far, let urges slip, with their sexy partners in the Rough Fertile Quickies Series. These quick reads are short, one handed experiences.

Next Door Princess Series

Obssesive neighbors desire and lust after the perfect innocent princess that lives too close. The Next Door Princess Series fulfills fantasizes in each and every short.

Training His Bimbo Series

Protective alpha males control and train their sometimes baely legal bimbos in their lives. The Training His Bimbo Series shorts are on the edge of too far for society.

Knocking Up Karen Series

Big mouthed interruptions get the treatment they deserve with alpha explosions for their nosy antics. The Knocking Up Karen Series shorts are trending this year.

Shared By A Stranger Series

Random stranger encounters for eager women are caught by surprise. They indulge in  taboo fantasies in the Shared By A Stranger Series shorts.

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Sharon Love

As an erotica writer I love to capture moments of pure seduction. I live for experiences where desire takes over reason and lust dominates common sense.

Taboo is in my blood. I’ve been reading dirty stories since I found a collection of well worn paperbacks under my parent’s bed. Curiosity tempted me and naughty thoughts kept me addicted to my secret gratification.

An older, wiser version of my inquisitive self, publishes all my fantasies for you to enjoy. Read them one at a time or in my series bundles. These digital shorts are easy to swipe through one-handed.

Inspiration is everywhere, but I dedicate the climaxes to that special man in my life who stirs me up on countless research nights. You know who you are.
Thank you!

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