Risky Milf Series

Risky Milfs, the quickie short series is taboo tales of older, experienced women and younger, hard and hung men too close to resist each other. Experience the unsatisfied, naughty next door milfs.

Too Big Step Series

Too BIG Step, the quickie short series is taboo tales of massive hard and hung stepbrothers, too close to resist the unrelated, but curious, and bratty, stepsisters in their lives.

Dirty Daddy Series

Dirty Daddy, the quickie short series is taboo tales of older, experienced, men of the house too close to resist the unrelated, young, innocent stepdaughter brats in their lives. 

Big Clint Series

BIG CLINT, a quickie shorts series. He’s got a big ego, big muscles, big expressions, and of course a BIG package.

These are the not-so-innocent rewrites of the Dirty Daddy series. If you’re looking for completely unrelated couples, this is your series. It has all the heat with none of the family references.

Dirty Free Use Series

The newest series by Sharon Dick!

Dirty Free Use, the quickie short series is taboo tales of open minded women experiencing sexual desires as free use sluts.

Sharon Dick

Sharon Dick is an author who intends to arouse you to your peak of climactic satisfaction. There’s no wasted pages on the will she / won’t she dribble found in longer romance books. She’s into writing about brats, and older men with younger women.
She’s happily married and when she’s not writing, she’s cooking in the kitchen or walking her dog.

Sharon walks the fence on some of the retailers. You’ll find the BIG CLINT series mirrored into taboo Daddy Daughter versions on Smashwords. If you prefer no family relations you can enjoy the BIG CLINT series on Amazon, Google Play, Kobo, and Apple iBooks.

We at Adult Tagged have some favorite things to inspire and get in the mood to write our sexy shorts.

I personally love the Punish Me, Daddy game and the camera set up to catch all the action of the game. 

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